AV Performances

The convergence between electronic art, sound research and experimental music gives rise to technology-intensive audiovisual performances, in Electronic Fields always free and open, and less focused on the omnipresence of the artists on stage. In the first edition of the festival, we have programmed a selection of proposals representing the most innovative trends in this evolving field, ranging from the experimental electronic music concert, accompanied by visuals, to creative live coding and the incorporation of biocomponents into music and visual arts. Geographical variety is also part of the program, with national, international, and, of course, from rural Extremadura performances.

Saturday 28 October / Caseta Municipal of Llerena / Opening: 9.30 pm /

  • World Code Music. b1tdreamer & Salomé Méndez
    B1tdreamer and Salomé Méndez fuse live coding, dance, electronic music, analogue instruments and sounds recorded in different places of Africa.
  • MMM#1 [Flourescent Markov Beats] 2021/2023. Noish
    This sonic-luminescent performance, is part of Meta Music Machines, a research project by Óscar Martín, aka Noish, which seeks to develop and build a digital automaton composer
  • LFDTV / Corralón Records
    Corralón Records is a record label based at LFDTV. Its activity is focused on the production, distribution and dissemination of musical proposals from young and emerging artists from the rural area.
  • Còclea Mix. Agnès Pe
    This AV performance transfigures space into an expanded cochlea which, in addition to transforming a sound stimulus into an acoustic stimulus, proposes a reflection on non-human listening.
  • DNA2NSA. 220hex
    An AV performance carried out entirely with free technologies, using bash programming on a Linux terminal. The sound is generated by channelling the results as text directly to the sound system.
  • Extremadura Saqueada. Songaz
    La performance audiovisual de Songaz en Electronic Fields está inspirada en el libro del mismo título, Extremadura Saqueada. Recursos naturales y autonomía regional (Editorial Ruedo Ibérico, 1978).