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Còclea Mix. Agnès Pe

Còclea Mix is inspired by the functioning of the cochlea, the organ of the sense of hearing, which is capable of transforming sound vibrations into electrical signals, which are sent to the brain. Specifically, Agnès Pe’s proposal for Electronic Fields 2023 is based on recent scientific research, which aims to develop a cochlear implant that, instead of transforming sound waves into electrical signals, transforms them into light signals.

In conventional cochlear implants, sound coming in through the ears is directed to a chip that processes it. The chip then creates signals and sends them to neurons. The new implant, on the other hand, generates light using LED chips and sends it directly to the nerve cells via a fibre-optic cable.

The light-based cochlear implant would improve people’s hearing by preventing problems caused by the bioconductivity of the fluid in the ear, such as loss of clarity or difficulty in hearing in noisy environments. For this system to work, however, the nerve cells in the ear would have to be modified in some way to allow them to respond to light rather than electricity.

Còclea Mix transfigures space into an expanded cochlea which, in addition to transforming a sound stimulus into an acoustic stimulus, proposes a reflection on non-human listening.

About Agnès Pe

Agnès Pe (Lleida) works with sound beyond the limits consecrated by any musical genre. Her work is characterised by an attitude of overwhelming fun, covering the parameters of lo-fi and plunderphonic music, always looking for new ways of relating to the elements, which she recomposes through atonality, altered melodies and screeching textures.

Enjoy Còclea Mix on Saturday 28th October at the Caseta Municipal of Llerena’s Fairground, from 9.30pm.

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