• Electronic Fields 2023 Exhibition will be opened every day from Friday 27 October to Sunday 5 November.
  • The electronic art projects and installations are exhibited at the Complejo Cultural La Merced in Llerena, except VastWaste, by Ógze Semanci, which is exhibited at the Reina Town Hall.
  • The opening times are:
    • Friday 27 October, from 21 to 23 h.
    • Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October, from 11.30 to 14.30 h. and from 17 to 20 h.
    • Week of 30 October to 5 November, from 17 h to 20 h.
    • Sunday 5 November is the last day.

One of the highlights of the festival. The exhibition Electronic Fields 2023 takes over the territory and places electronic art projects in different spaces in Llerena and Reina.

The exhibition immerses us in an intriguing world of inter-species communication, through bio-hybrid technologies, collaboration between human and non-human intelligences, questions related to privacy and security in the digital age, the use of artificial intelligence and the revaluation of forgotten technologies. It also presents proposals to promote ecological practices and challenges anthropocentric and technodeterminist narratives by exploring other intelligent life systems in our environment, such as animals, plants and machines. This journey invites us to reflect on the possibility of a planetary intelligence, a concept that James Bridle has thoroughly investigated in his remarkable book Ways of Being.

ELECTRONIC FIELDS 2023 RECOMMENDED READING: Ways of Being: Animals, Plants, Machines: The Search for a Planetary Intelligence, James Bridle, Penguin House, 2022.

  • Windmills (Eco(i) Logic Queer Energy Harvesting). Paula Pin
    A piece by Paula Pin, part of Eco (i) Logic Queer Energy Harvesting, a collaborative project by Pin Biotranslab, Casa do Río and The Foundry that reflects on the lack of diversity in the technological world.
  • Anti-corruption-code-my-circumstances. Gisle Frøysland
    A stand-alone algorithm that reads a famous handbook for ethics and compliance in business. The software gradually corrupts the text randomly picking sentences with the word ‘anti’ until the word ‘anti’ is the only word left.
  • From DNA to NSA. Maite Cajaraville & Gisle Frøysland
    As an installation-intervention, it consists of creating an artisanal laboratory to extract DNA strands from the visiting public. A homemade conceptual proof of how easy it is to violate privacy.
  • BSM_MTHC [bionic sound machine | more than human composer]. Noish
    A project aimed to create a bioartificial ecosystem that evolves symbiotically, generating a non-human sound composer and allying ‘intelligences’ of different nature.
  • VastWaste. Özge Samanci
    A data-driven projection art installation that illustrates the parallels and interaction between marine pollution and space debris, generating an ever-changing Kessler effect, accompanied by a data-driven soundtrack.
  • Inattention. Raquel Meyers
    An animation based on #teletext to show that the future holds a techno-mediaval version, where all stored knowledge will be reduced to premium access or simply disappear.
  • Otras inteligencias. María Castellanos
    Through this project, the artist seeks to learn more about the language and the behaviour of plants, and to try to better understand these living beings with which we cohabit the Earth.
  • The Blooming. Lola Zoido
    The piece blooms as if it were a rebirth or a metamorphosis from the physical to the digital. And that blossoming invites viewers to stop and experience the connection with nature in a different way.