One of the characteristics of electronic art based on free technologies is its philosophy of sharing and developing projects within a multidisciplinary and mutual learning environment. Artists, technologists, scientists and programmers often work in teams, something that allow them to transcend their own skills and knowledge to arrive at pieces of enormous sophistication in some cases. This spirit of collaboration, reinforced by the conscious choice of free and open technologies, makes knowledge sharing an act of militancy. That’s why Electronic Fields has also taken great care in the selection of its workshops, always in line with DIY (do it yourself) and DIWO (do it with others) methodologies. The bioart laboratory, our BioLAB, brings us closer to these other intelligences of living organisms and to the production of bioplastic from organic waste, two proposals to deepen the relationship between art, science, technology and society (ACTS). In addition, people interested in audiovisual research have access to a live coding workshop and a workshop on home-made instruments. For those looking for new career opportunities, there is a streaming workshop and a DJ workshop for beginners.

The workshops are free of charge, but there are a limited number of places and registration is required. To sign up, send an email to, with the name of the workshop in the subject line. Don’t forget to leave your full name and a contact telephone number!