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How to make a MIDI keyboard with Arduino. Workshop by Manuel Clavero

In this workshop we will make a MIDI keyboard from scratch, using an Arduino Pro Micro (Leonardo). A key and a potentiometer will be implemented with Arduino programming, and the operation will be tested in the audio editing program REAPER.

The aim of the workshop is to get started in the world of Arduino programming and its relationship with art, in this case music. A great opportunity for people interested in combining the passion for music with technology and DIY spirit. Maybe this workshop can be a first approach to what can become a more complete MIDI keyboard project in the future.

About Manuel Clavero

The workshop will be given by Manuel Clavero (Cáceres, 22 years old). Recently graduated in Telecommunications engineering and pianist, he’s an active member of Smart Open Lab, linked to the University of Cáceres, and he combines his postgraduate studies and conservatory classes with his work as a ‘maker’.

The workshop is suitable for all audiences, from 14 years of age. It is free of charge, subject to registration.

About Smart Open Lab.