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Introduction to Live Coding. Workshop by b1tdreamer

  • Friday 27 October, from 11.30 to 14.30, at the Espacio para la Creación Joven (Llerena).
  • You just have to bring your computer. If you’ve made a reservation but you don’t have one, we’ll try to help you.

In this workshop, Introduction to live coding, we will explore the fusion of electronic music and real-time programming. You will learn how to manipulate samples and synthesizers to create unique soundscapes. Discover how to code your own live music while experimenting with sounds and rhythms in an interactive environment. No previous experience is required.

We will use Sonic Pi, an open source programming environment designed to explore and teach programming concepts through the process of creating new sounds. It is a synthesiser for everyone, created by Sam Aaron in Cambridge University’s Computer Lab. You can use Sonic Pi to program, compose and perform a range of styles from classical to contemporary, from Canons to Dubstep.

About b1tdreamer

Passionate about researching the intersections between art, nature and technology, b1tdreamer designs and develops artistic and cultural projects, using sound, transmedia and generative art, interactive installations, artificial intelligence or augmented reality.

For eight years, he has designed and coordinated technological projects in the Sahel and Middle East, in countries such as Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Lebanon.

For the last three years, he has been working as a technical mentor in the collaborative prototyping labs at Mediaab Matadero, Teatros del Cana, both in Madrid (Spain),l and MolinoLab, a rural space for artistic and cultural experimentation, of which he is also founder.

b1tdreamer records sounds from around the world, which he shares on SoundsOfTheWorld.org and uses to recreate real and fictional spaces, using algorithms and live coding to fuse soundscapes with analogue and experimental organic electronic music. He is also active in several technological-artistic collectives LiveCodeMad.org, Interactivas MedialabPrado and Collective Mind.

The workshop is suitable for all audiences, from 16 years old. It is free of charge, subject to registration.

Booking forms will be available soon!

Introduction to live coding. b1tdreamer workshop, will take place on Friday 27th October, from 11.45 to 14.15, at Espacio Creación Joven (Llerena).

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