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DJ for beginners. Workshop by Helena Ortiz / Pegao Skul

  • Friday 27 October, 17 to 20 h. Espacio para la Creación Joven (Llerena).
  • Just bring your computer! If you don’t have one, we’ll try to help you.

DJ for beginners is a workshop by the Pegao Skul collective, given by Helena Ortiz, in which you can learn the basics of becoming a DJ, from installing the necessary software to playing your first tracks, using the open source programme Mixxx.

The workshop uses a horizontal learning table format, divided into a presentation of the content, followed by a practical session. The tables are then opened, so that attendees can put into practice what they have learned with the advice of the facilitator and DJ, through a B2B exercise.

One of the main concerns of Pegao Skul, as a creative collective and as a club, has been to promote the gender perspective in the DJ world, encouraging the participation of a majority of women in the musical circuits in which they move professionally and the visibility of their work, generating line-ups, in the case of clubs, and workshops with a major female and LGTBQ+ presence.

About Helena Ortiz

Helena Ortiz is an activist, DJ and creator in the collectives La Fábrika deTodalavida (LFDTV, Los Santos de Maimona, Badajoz) and Club Pegao. She has participated in many cultural and artistic projects such as Corralón Records, Alginato Podcast and Club Pegao. For some time now, he has been running technology training workshops for different audiences.

A militant of free and open technologies, he comes to Electronic Fields 2023 to share his knowledge about some of the open source tools that have supported him and allowed him to improve his creative career.


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