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Making Solar Panels with Biological Materials. Workshop by Paula Pin

  • Friday 27 & Saturday 28 October, from 17.00 to 20.00, at the Centro de Estudios Fórmula (Llerena).
  • Make your reservation at comunicación@electronicfields.es. Subject: Solar Panels Workshop. Please specify wether you want to attend on Friday, Saturday or both days.

During Paula Pin’s BioTransLab, we will experiment with how to make solar panels from biological materials that generate voltage. The lab will be open on Friday and Saturday so that participants can learn about creative working processes with organisms and bacteria.

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About Paula Pin

Paula Pin (Lugo, 1982) is a researcher and artist/activist with a strong inclination towards research and experimentation processes with collective and free technologies. She has carried out research and artistic creation residencies in different contexts, the most prolific being the one that makes use of open technologies, i.e. open source.

Some examples of these residencies are: Pierre et Marie Curie University, KASK art school (Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Ghent, Belgium), Prototyp_ome, at Hangar Barcelona, Querly Ecologies, at Click Festival, OSH Open Source Gathering (Shenzhen, China) and Lucerne University of Science (Switzerland).

She is currently coordinating the European project Restorative Practices, in which sustainability practices interact with transhackfeminism, bioart and biohacking. She has been part of the transhackfeminist laboratories Transnoise and Pechblenda, and is currently working with the BioTranslab laboratory.

This lab is conceived as a nomadic entity, the CyanoVan, her queer science lab, which travels around the Peninsula conducting bio.electro.chemical experimentation labs. The intersection between biology, science and queer art are its maxim and its pedagogical methodology, which it shares with many other aliases.



The workshop is suitable for all audiences, from 14 years old. It is free of charge, subject to registration.

More information about Paula Pin