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LFDTV / Corralón Records

Corralón Records is a record label based in LaFábrika deTodalavida (Los Santos de Maimona, Badajoz). Its activity is focused on the production, distribution and dissemination of musical proposals by young and emerging artists, who connect with sonorities and narratives born from the rural environment.

To this end, this cooperative and anomalous label has been created, in which sound releases of different formats and styles, radio programmes, live shows and training spaces are produced. A creative umbrella for all the artists involved in the project.

Corralón Records will bring a sample of its proposal and attitude to the Electronic Fields 2023 night of electronic concerts and AV performances.

From the outskirts of Extremadura to the suburbs of the world!

About La Fábrika deTodalavida

LaFábrika deTodalavida (LFDTV) is a community space in rural areas and a socio-cultural association, located in the former Asland cement factory in Los Santos de Maimona, a town of just over 8,000 inhabitants in the south of Extremadura.

Our community works for the social management of the territory and of leisure and culture in the rural environment, through social projects, creative productions, cultural experiences and research-action methodologies.

Since the beginning of LFDTV, key values have been consolidated, using community action and creative resistance as tools for the conservation of the memory of the cement factory and its industrial heritage, the defence of access to community culture and cooperative creation in the rural territory of Extremadura.

This is the social DNA from which most of LFDTV’s proposals are articulated. An identity positioning that connects with other transversal elements such as self-management, common goods, cooperative production, free culture, self-construction and the articulation of mutual support networks.

Enjoy LFDTV / Corralón Records on Saturday 28 October at the Caseta Municipal del Recinto Ferial de Llerena, starting at 21.30 h.

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