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MMM#1 [Flourescent Markov Beats] 2021/2023. Noish

  • Saturday 28 October at the Caseta Municipal of Llerena’s Fairground, from 9.30 pm.

MMM#1 [Flourescent Markov Beats] 2021/2023, a sonic-luminescent performance, is part of Meta Music Machines, a research project by Óscar Martín, aka Noish, which seeks to develop and build a digital automaton composer.

A machine-sculpture that produces new sound creations, recombining information extracted from music indexed from different sound archives, all using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

This first module/sculpture adopts a reductionist and minimalist approach to the problem of rhythm. It consists of arrays of fluorescent lights, which turn on and off following a sequence of states generated by a Markov model. This stochastic model is created from the analysis of the rhythm of several pieces of folk music from different places and time periods (Turkey, India, Andalusia, The Andes, Bali, etc.).

The sound also follows the sequences and is generated by transduction and amplification of electromagnetic light energy, accompanied by layers of audio generated by digital synthesis.

About Óscar Martín aka Noish

Óscar Martín holds a degree in Fine Arts and a specialization in sculpture and new media (UPV). Experimental musician, artist and independent researcher, he is based in Barcelona. He works in the field of algorithmic and generative poetics, investigating emergence and self-organisation in complex systems with non-human agents.

His artistic practice could be understood as a polyhedral knowledge device, in which art, science and technology converge and hybridise from an unorthodox, critical and experimental approach.

In 2019, Óscar received the OSIC Grant from the Generalitat de Catalunya for Meta Music Machines. The project has been presented at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid), Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), Rarefaccio cycle at Hangar.org (Barcelona), Ars Electronica Garden (Barcelona), Antre Peaux-Ursulab (Bordeaux, France), Curtocircuito Festival (Santiago de Compostela) and Piksel (Bergen, Norway), among others.

The photography illustrating this post, by @aigiboga, was taken at Festival Curtocircuito 2021 (Santiago de Compostela).

More information about Meta Music Machines

More information about Óscar Martín aka Noish