Imagen grande de The Blooming, pieza de arte electrónico de Lola Zoido

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The Blooming. Lola Zoido

  • The Blooming will be on view at the Centro para la Creación Joven (Llerena), from 27/10 to 5/11.

The Blooming project explores a new contemporary materiality. What was once obsolete is now infinite and will live forever through a screen. The piece blooms through coloured pixels, as if it were a rebirth or a metamorphosis from the physical to the digital. And that blossoming invites viewers to stop and experience the connection with nature in a different way.

About Lola Zoido

Lola Zoido (Badajoz, 1994) works with 3D modelling, sculpture and digital images, exploring the way we construct our reality through technological processes. Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Seville and currently based in Madrid, Zoido’s practice focuses on both the virtual and material conditions of image generation. Her production combines an analytical gaze with a poetics on the relationships that emerge at the intersection between the digital and the physical.

Lola Zoido’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. She has participated in exhibitions such as 10 seconds, 20 artists (MMMAD, Madrid, 2020), Tocar la tierra (Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, Córdoba, 2019) or Face Up (Tate Exchange, London, 2019). She has held residencies at the Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía in Córdoba (2019) and La Tabacalera (Madrid, 2017).

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