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World Code Music. b1tdreamer & Salomé Méndez

World Code Music, the performance presented by b1tdreamer and Salomé Méndez at Electronic Fields 2023, uses various techniques, such as live coding, dance and the fusion of electronic music and analogue instruments.

For the staging, he uses field recordings and organic sounds, collected in different places in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America as a source of inspiration. A proposal that invites us to transport us to real, imaginary and dreamlike places.

About Salomé Méndez

Salomé Méndez is a dancer, performer, singer, percussionist and designer born in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied dance at the Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá (ASAB), specialising in traditional Afro-Colombian dance and later in West African dance, percussion and song.

She is co-founder of MolinoLab, a space for rural, environmental, artistic and cultural experimentation, located in the small town of Sancti Spiritus (Salamanca).

About b1tdreamer

Passionate about research into the intersections between art, nature and technology, b1tdreamer designs and develops artistic and cultural projects, using sound, transmedia and generative art, interactive installations, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

For eight years, he has designed and coordinated technological projects in the Sahel and Middle East, in countries such as Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Lebanon.

For the last three years he has been working as a technical mentor in the collaborative prototyping labs at Mediaab Matadero, Teatros del Canal and MolinoLab, of which he is also founder.