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Learning to stream with OBS. Workshop by Helena Ortiz

  • Saturday 28 October, from 17 to 20 h. Centro de Estudios Fórmula (Llerena).
  • Just bring your computer! If you don’t have one, we’ll try to help you.
  • Send an email to comunicacion@electronicfields.es if you want to attend. Subject: Streaming.

In this workshop, open to all audiences, we will investigate the possibilities of the open source programme OBS, a useful and relevant tool for those who want to approach professional live video broadcasting, long-form video editing and other recording and editing tools with free software.

Using OBS, we will learn simple actions, such as converting files, to more complex ones, such as preparing a broadcast on multiple platforms.

This workshop is perfect as a complement for educators, facilitators, communicators, artists, communication professionals, healthcare professionals, students and budding influencers, as it provides them with creative freedom and the necessary tools to transmit professionalism and confidence to audiences, clients, students, patients and digital followers.

About Helena Ortiz

Helena Ortiz is an activist, DJ and creator in the collectives La Fábrika deTodalavida (LFDTV, Los Santos de Maimona, Badajoz) and Club Pegao. She has participated in many cultural and artistic projects such as Corralón Records, Alginato Podcast and Club Pegao. For some time now, he has been running technology training workshops for different audiences.

A militant of free and open technologies, she comes to Electronic Fields 2023 to share her knowledge of some of the open source tools that have supported and improved her creative career.

Workshop for all ages, from 14 years old. Free of charge, with prior registration.