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Production of Bioplastic from Orange Peel. Remonda Workshop

  • Saturday 28 October, from 17.00 to 20.00, at the Centro de Estudios Fórmula (Llerena).
  • Make your reservation at comunicación@electronicfields.es. Subject: Bioplastic Workshop.

Can you imagine turning your waste into bioplastics? In this workshop we will explain what bioplastics are, their properties and uses as an alternative to conventional plastics. But best of all, you will learn with your own hands how to give a new life to organic waste such as orange peel, making bioplastic sheets that are totally biodegradable and bio-based.

The workshop Production of bioplastic from orange peel is part of the Electronic Fields 2023 BioLab. Using DIY and DIWO methodologies, it will allow participants to get started in the processing of organic waste into biomaterials. Who knows if other equally beautiful projects will emerge from it!

About Remonda

Remonda is a project for the creation of biomaterials through the revaluation of orange peel, recovered and reused from the fruits of the 50,000 orange trees in Seville. The initiative emerged as a solution for the revalorisation of organic waste and the inclusion of the circular economy in the new e-City Seville.

Remonda’s mission is to transform the more than five tonnes of ‘street’ oranges that the Andalusian capital generates each year into biomaterials. With this premise, they have developed bio-based, biodegradable and locally produced products that also offer the added value of being designed to replace the ubiquitous conventional plastics, which are much more polluting.

Monica, Marina and Celia form the Remonda team. They met at the Climathon Seville 2021 and discovered that they share the desire to work for a sustainable and friendly future, both for the planet and for the people who inhabit it. With very different professional backgrounds, they have combined their experiences in fields such as biotechnology, geology, climate change and marketing to get into the exciting world of biomaterials and circularity.

The Remonda project won two prizes at the New European Bauhaus Ideation Awards 2022, the Audience Award and an Honourable Mention.

The workshop is suitable for all audiences, from the age of 12 upwards. It is free of charge, subject to registration.

More information about Remonda.